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by Desygner - 3 years ago

Twitter Collapses 5%, Tumbling Toward IPO-Level Prices

 Shares of Twitter, a popular social media company, fell sharply today, dipping nearly 6 percent by midday trading. The company’s equity fell in value below the $30 mark, setting new lows. As of the time of writing, shares of Twitter are w...

by Desygner - 3 years ago

Betaworks-Backed Glitter Is A Personal Trading Cards App

 Every two years, betaworks brings in brand new entrepreneurs and helps them bake up a new batch of products and services. In 2013, those companies included Giphy, Dots, and Poncho. Now the startup studio is ready to introduce its first new prod...

by Desygner - 3 years ago

The Argument For Investing In True Fan Engagement

 Following the launches of brand-centric services on sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+, social media was the place for businesses to acquire new users and engage their fans. This seemed like an efficient way to get exposure: Bu...